Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I have been awarded the Beautiful Blogger Award by the lovely Tui Nathan

One of the rules is that I must post 10 things about me!

1.  I love doing word puzzles/sudoku

2. I have been a cardmaker for 10 years

3. I don't watch much tv which usually results in me finding a great programme halfway through a series

4. I goggle 'Reality TV' programmes to find out who wins as Im too impatient eg l i goggled Hells Kitchen but I cant tell hubby who wins or he will get mad

5. We have 3 cats, when I was a kid we had 8!

6. I dont like housework and i tell people im allergic which is kind of true as I cant use commercial cleaner even with gloves as I have contact dermatitis

7. Love to fold washing

8. Was a member of a Camera Club once and entered my photos into a national exhibiton

9. AM addicted to coffee, not fussy will drink it with sugar without sugar with milk without milk, flavoured.

10. Am a facebook addict

I am awarding  the beautiful blogger award to:

1. Megan
2. Shelley
3. Melissa


  1. Thanks so much for this blogger award, i was blown away, I love it :) hugs

  2. Wow ... you are a true coffee addict ... lol ...thanks for sharing!!!