Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday I received phone calls, texts and facebook messages from my family and friends I got a necklace from my husband, a bracelet and merino fingerless gloves from my girls
In the afternoon I attended the unveiling of a young man who was a younger brother to me, he and his brother affectionately called me "mavis", i am 'mavis' to them only. When I got home my husband had cooked me a beautiful dinner of salmon, tomato salad and roasted vegies.
I attempted to make hot cross buns to celebrate Good Friday here they are rising nicely:
After the came out of the oven:
I didn't make the crosses for them, they smelt like hot cross buns but they failed, they were edible as long as you could get past the fact they were more sultana spiced scones than hot cross buns. We had unseasonably warm weather, more summer than autumn which was nice to get out in it and to be able to dry washing in it. Thanks for stopping by Amanda

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